How to Select The Best Notary to Work With


As you can see today, there are number of dealings particularly to our lives that require the services of a notary public. Be it an insurance companies, mortgage companies or even schools, the service of notaries are typically just in high demand. You’ll need them in affidavit of incapacity, contracts, mortgage documents et cetera.

 However, selecting a notary to work with is a different story on its own. As an employee, any inadvertently mistake by your notary can lead to serious financial and legal penalties. How is that? You surely would not like to be jointly held for any misconduct by your notary. What follow are how you can select the best notary to work with. Do yourself some favor by reading through.

1. Credentials

 As of any other professional jobs, the attributes you expect to find in a candidate who is to be hired for a particular position is in their credentials. It is from there you’ll know if such notary is a perfect match for your need. A notary must be knowledgeable of the very rudiment necessary to execute any giving tasks.

 Many sensitive legal matters would be tackled by your notary which is why the best person to be hired for such task must be a professionally trained individual who is qualified and has the certificates indicating qualifications from a recognized law school.

2. Service Cost

 There is no need to rush, don’t hire the first notary you meet on instance. Some notaries charge their clients a lot of money. Sample out like 3 to 5 notaries and decide on who to hire based on how much their services cost.

 Though, each state has a maximum value that a notary can legally charge on every rendered service, and this is readily available on the Secretary of State’s website. However, several factors like logistics can raise or lower the cost for the service a of a notary, much to why you must ask about cost of their service beforehand.

3. Professional Association and Memberships

 Notary public membership are being manage by many national, state and local professional associations. They are doing this to ensure that every one of their respective members meet certain set of standards for professional and ethical development.

 So, before you choose a notary, it is must you select the one that belong to that professional body. This is very vital if you want an error-less service between you the employee and your hired notary.

4. Mobility

 Today, you could be resting at your home and a mobile notary could come to your designated destination when you need their service at any point in time.

 This will reduce the time and money often spent to travel to their location. Mobility is thus a very important factor to consider when selecting a notary.

5. Accessibility

 Can the one whom you want to hire leave his comfort zone to make himself available to meet your needs? Can he be reached via his phone number in case he cannot meet with you in person? Knowing how accessible he is before hiring him can save you some hurdles.


 Selecting the best notary to work with might be kind of a difficult task. However, if you follow the above- highlighted steps, you will surely end up interacting with some of the best notaries to choose from especially in the State of Georgia, USA.


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