What makes a moving company good or bad?



Not all low cost movers are bad, unfortunately, not all of them are good, either.

Moving your home can be pricey, and we’d all like to reduce the costs of our relocation. People usually avoid hiring low cost movers as they are afraid that low costs mean bad service. We’re here to tell you that they’re wrong! You can have a satisfying move without paying a lot of money. If you know what to look for, cheap movers can provide you with moving services in Georgia you’ll be happy with.

First of all, we’ll have to talk about what makes a moving company good or bad.

Your movers are doing a good job if they show:

  • Professionalism – if they’re polite, punctual and efficient.
  • Reliability – you’re trusting your movers with transporting your entire household. You’ll want to be sure you can count on them.
  • Experience – movers who’ve completed a lot of moves don’t have to be expensive. You can find cheap movers with a lot of experience to assist with your relocation.

Your movers are not doing a good job if they:

  • Don’t arrive on time
  • Damage your items
  • Behave impolitely

Does low cost equal low quality?

Now that we know what makes good and what makes bad movers, you can see that there’s no price range that determines this. Even though people believe that paying more will guarantee a better relocation, this is generally not the case. Because moving is a competitive business, many movers have competitive pricing. And so, many experienced movers don’t charge an arm and a leg to relocate you, which is perfect! With a little searching, you can find affordable movers who can provide you with the best service!

Research your movers

In order to get reliable and cheap moving services, you should look into a lot of moving companies. After you have your list, you should get a moving labor cost estimate from each of those companies and compare them. When you find the lowest costs, research the companies until you find the one you like the most.

Get to know the movers you’re planning to hire a little better to make sure they’re cheap and reliable.

Avoid scams

Unfortunately, some movers with low costs are not what they seem. These usually offer unbelievably cheap moving services which turn out too good to be true. Before you start searching for your reliable and cheap movers, learn how to avoid the most common moving scams. Making sure you don’t fall for these will greatly increase your chances of finding a high quality and low cost moving company.

Not all low cost movers are bad, unfortunately, not all of them are good, either.

How to find reliable cheap movers?

If you want to find affordable movers who aren’t bad, you’ll need to do a bit of work. Don’t go for every company that offers low costs. You’ll need to make sure the movers you choose are capable and professional. You can do this in a few ways…

Ask around

When searching for low cost movers you can count on, the best thing to do is rely on previous experience. If you don’t have any, you should ask the people around you for suggestions. Ask friends and coworkers if they can refer a reliable but cheap moving company.

In addition to this, you can rely on the advice of people you don’t know but who’ve moved recently. Check out the reviews of our clients and see why we’re the best choice for a safe and affordable move.

Get estimates

Another way you can avoid getting a low quality moving service is asking for as many moving labor rates in Atlanta as you can. Getting and comparing estimates will allow you to find high quality, low cost movers. If it’s too high or too low, you’ll know this is not the company you’re looking for. In addition to this, you should avoid movers who refuse to give you an estimate altogether.

Getting an estimate can help you decide.

Make your move cheaper

Finally, instead of relying solely on finding cheap movers, you can make your relocation less costly by yourself.

Do some parts yourself

In some cases, the cost of your relocation will depend on which services you choose. So, if you start preparing for your move early, you can complete some of the moving tasks yourself. For example, if you pack your household yourself and just hire moving labor, the whole relocation can end up cheaper.

However, if you do choose to take care of some of the chores yourself, be careful and avoid property damage. The last thing you’ll want is to damage your belongings right before the move. Find the perfect balance between what you need and what you can do yourself, and your move will be affordable.

Be careful not to break anything if you’re attempting to take care of some of the moving tasks.


Try to bargain with the movers you hire. In all fairness, this won’t always work because some affordable moving companies have already lowered their costs as much as they could. However, it can’t hurt to try. Just make sure you don’t push it if the movers you chose show no interest in negotiating.

Find professional and cheap movers by negotiating the price of your relocation.

Reduce the load

Moving fewer items costs less. So, you can lower the cost of your move by getting rid of some of your things before the move. This, paired with finding cheap movers you can trust means that you’ll have a super affordable relocation.

So, not all cheap movers are bad. Even though fraudulent movers use extremely low estimates to draw in unsuspecting clients, it doesn’t mean all low cost moving companies are bad. There are some very good affordable movers to choose from. Once you get to know a little about each company, you’ll be able to find the best possible services for the price which perfectly fits your moving budget.

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