Why Do You need a Notary?


 A notary is more than just some fancy rubber stamp. Getting a document notarized means getting it verified for its authenticity and purpose.
Many times, notarizing a document corresponds to a life-changing moment for someone. You may need the approval of a notary public for your next mortgage. A daughter in California may need the power of attorney to get funds for an ailing parent. In essence, a notarized document protects the signer and the purpose of the document.

 Importance of Document Notarization
So, if you are still thinking; why is document notarization important? Below are some reasons why up to 1.25 billion documents are notarized yearly in the United States.

Deter Fraud
In an era where fraud and forgery are on the rise, a trustworthy notary is required to verify the authenticity of crucial documents. A notary details such as a seal, stamp, or signature add an extra layer of protection to business transactions

Self Authenticating
According to the law of evidence, a notarized document is self-authenticating. It is the same as swearing under oath in a court of law. Meaning, a notary can stand in place of a witness in court. This saves time and money.

Legal Protection
The possession of notarized documents helps prevent litigation and contract dispute.

Establish Credibility
Some documents are not legally binding until they are notarized. Deed of trust is one kind of document that doesn’t escape notarization. In mortgaging, for instance, the agreement between the lender and the borrower needs an authorized third party to serve as a trustee. That’s where the notary public comes to play.
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